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Customer Reviews

The most important reason for me to participate at Moravejan course is to improve in academic HSE learning. the advantage is The course is accredited by national and international authorities. participating in Moravejan course recommended (in oil) in the first stage to all those who somehow are active in the field of HSE, all the experts, administrators, successors and heads of safety, health and fire and then to all the chiefs various units in the operational areas in order to achieve better health and safety perspective, to keep staff safe.

Mr.Khandan• HSE Manager at Oil and gas exploitation company

Because of improvement o information and making contact with other HSE specialist HSE Managers and being more familiar with update and new HSE information, I participate at Moravejan courses. I suggest Moravejan course to get new HSE information and also gain accredited degree.

Dr.Naeimi• HSE Manager at National Iranian steel company company

I had a personal interest in issues related to safety and the environment to participate in Moravejan course. In terms of level and quality, this comprehensive course provide useful information for HSE expert and manageror officer.

Ms.Golrizan• Expert Department of Water and Wastewater Planning and Development and a member of the HSE Committee on Water and Wastewater Engineering Company

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